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W99 35W CAN-BUS Ballast (pair)
  • W99 35W CAN-BUS Ballast (pair)

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      Introducing a major upgrade in our ballast offering! The W99 is one of the best ballasts on the market. They feature significantly longer life spans and much increased reliability. Their performance is so good, that they come with a 3 year warranty! The longest warranty of any aftermarket ballast on the market today. Signal Processor Protection: A digital signal processor monitors for external faults and protect the ballast from under voltage, over voltage, output shorts, and open output shorts. The processor also turns the ballast off if an overheat occurs. All Applications: The W99 Ballast includes built-in resistors and capacitors designed to work with both standard electrical systems as well as computer monitored systems such as VW's CAN-BUS system. Waterproof: While many aftermarket ballasts use a ring seal along the exterior edges of the ballast casing to prevent water and moisture from entering, the W99 is fully potted with potting epoxy. All of the electrical consonants are covered and unable to be exposed to any type of moisture. Radio Static Reducing Rings: Each ballast has a RSRR which prevents high frequency noise from affecting other electrical components in your car. Durability: Each ballast is encased in industrial grade metal. Ballast wiring includes threaded casing for increased resistance to wear. Reliability Warranty: The change from 55W to 35W provides significant increases in longevity for both bulbs and ballasts. For ballasts, this is mainly due to the decrease in operating temperature. For HID bulbs electrodes don't burn off nearly as quickly. The result is years of use. The warranty? Three Years! Yes, you read that right..Three Years!
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