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VW Jetta/Golf V HID Headlights
  • VW Jetta/Golf V HID Headlights

    The MK5 platform is starting to show its years, and so too are its headlights. Hazing is a common problem with these cars, and a HID lighting upgrade is a great way to get rid of those old lights and gain viability.
    Our MK5 lights feature new assemblies, H1 6.0 Bi-Xenon projector, included high beam and turn signal bulbs, 4500K Premium PHL HID bulbs.  Combine with a pair of our F35x ballasts with CAN-BUS adaptors and these lights are 100% plug and play.
    A CAN-BUS ballast for this model is required, as the car's computer will shut down the power circuit without it.  Additionally, an LED angel eye can be added as an option.  
    These lights are available in all chrome or a chrome/black combination.  Additionally, there are a variety of projector shrouds available upon request.  The high beam function can be configured in a number of ways.  Halogen high, HID+Halogen High Beam, or just HID high.         
    2x Headlight Assemblies with HID Bi-Xenon Projectors Installed
    2x 4500k PHL Premium HID Bulbs
    To add a premium shroud to your headlights, click the Premium Shroud link on our product page.
    *Note: HID Ballasts Required for operation. Customer must either supply their own ballasts or purchase a pair from our product page.    
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