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Subaru Impreza / XV 2011-2016 Headlights
  • Subaru Impreza / XV 2011-2016 Headlights

    These 2011-2016 Impreza/XV headlights are designed to provide superior performance at affordable pricing.  In place of the stock halogen bulb is a 2.5" H1 HID Bi-Xenon projector, which provides an even light pattern with a sharp cutoff.  These lights are plug and play, and do not require any additional wiring or modification by the customer.  Simply install and plug the ballasts into the back of the headlight.  
    -Includes top of the line PHL 4500k HID bulbs.  These are some of the best bulbs on the market. See our products page for more information on these bulbs.
    -Includes turn signal, city light, and high beam bulbs.  See our products page for optional LED high beam bulbs.  
    -High quality Butyl sealant guarantees an OEM quality seal
    -Customers have the option of new Depo assemblies, used OE assemblies, or sending in their existing assemblies to be retrofitted.  
    -Customers may add a premium shroud by adding it to their cart from the products page before checkout.  Premium shrouds add style and fill space inside the assembly.  Standard shroud is Mini-Gatling style. 
    2x Headlight Assemblies with HID Bi-Xenon Projectors Installed
    2x Turn Signal Bulbs
    2X Halogen high beam bulbs
    2x City marker bulbs
    2x 4500k PHL HID bulbs.
    *Ballasts are required for use.  Customer must either select ballasts from our products page or supply their own ballasts.  Our current best ballast is the W99.  Please check products page for more details. 
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