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The new PHL H1 HID bulb is without a doubt the most reliable and quality bulb we've sold to date. We've tested a lot of bulbs over the years, some better than others, some with different features such as detachable wiring. This bulb seems to be the best overall and promises to be the most reliable.     

Derived from the most advanced equipment and technology, it adopts the APL pills from the United States, xenon gas from Germany, and Austrian Plansee tunsten metal electrodes.

The bulbs come in 4500k and 5500k.  

Luminosity: Simply amazing. The top grade materials and electrodes create a bulb that is 50% brighter than your standard H1 HID bulb.  On top of that, its lumen output is neck and neck with ORSAM's CBI bulbs.  The PHL is truly top of the line.  

Longevity: Rated for 3000 hours of use, these bulbs come with a market leading 2 year warranty.  

Sold in Pairs
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