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MK4 VW Golf 4.0 HID Headlights
  • MK4 VW Golf 4.0 HID Headlights

    Custom built to the customer's specification, the Golf IV 4.0 headlights are designed to provide superior performance at affordable pricing. These lights feature new headlight assemblies with integrated fog light projectors. In place of the stock halogen bulb is a H1 HID Bi-Xenon projector, which provides an even light pattern with a sharp cutoff.

    The 4.0 model greatly improves on the 3.0 model. New features include:
    -Glass lenses standard on every set!

    -Top of the line PHL 4500K HID bulbs. These are some of the best bulbs on the market. See our products page for more information on these bulbs.

    -Optional Amber Turn Signal

    -An updated projector mounting system ensures alignment

    -High quality Butyl sealant guarantees an OEM quality seal

    2x Headlight Assemblies with glass lenses and HID Bi-Xenon Projectors Installed
    2x 4500k PHL HID bulbs.

    Note: HID Ballasts Required for operation. Customer must either supply their own ballasts or purchase a pair from our product page.

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