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Jetta VI HID headlights
  • Jetta VI HID headlights

    A new addition to our HID lineup, the MKVI Jetta lights are THE essential upgrade to have before all others.  These lights feature H1 6.0 bi-xenon projector and our top of the line 4500k PHL bulbs.  
    Uses New TYC headlight housings. 
    he high beams are wired up so that both the bi-xenon projector shines upward and so too does the halogen high beam bulb.
    To make these work you’ll need either a pair of CAN-BUS wiring harnesses and ballasts.  We highly recommend our F35x ballasts with CAN-BUS adapter. 
    Another add-on is the LED angel eye, which is top of the line.  Rated to last over 50,000 hours, it will outlast the car by a long shot.  The high light output they produce makes you highly visible during daytime driving. 
    Note: due to the extremely strong lens adhesive on OEM headlight assemblies, we will not be accepting customer headlights to work on for this model.
    To add a premium shroud to your headlights, click the Premium Shroud link on our product page.
    Also check out our selection of 60W Cree DRL bulbs. 
    2x TYC Headlight Assemblies with bi-xenon HID Projector
    2x PHL 4500k HID bulbs
    All Other Bulbs Included
    Note: HID Ballasts Required for operation. Customer must either supply their own ballasts or purchase a pair from our product page.   
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