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Jetta IV GLI Type 2 HID Headlights
  • Jetta IV GLI Type 2 HID Headlights

    Custom built to the customer's specification, the Jetta IV 4.0 headlights are designed to provide superior performance at affordable pricing. These lights feature new headlight assemblies with integrated fog light projectors. In place of the stock halogen bulb is an H1 6.0 HID Bi-Xenon projector (high and low beam), which provides an even light pattern with a sharp cutoff.  Each light is wired with high/low beam controllers to ensure a seamless transition.  A high quality butyl sealant ensures a proper seal to prevent moisture from entering the light.  Each set is plug and play and requires no additional wiring to your car.  Simply remove the old headlights and pop on the new ones.  Overall these lights will produce a light output that is roughly 2-2.5x as bright as regular halogen headlights.    

    The GLI Type 2 style features an all chrome reflector with a black lens trim.  

    Customizable options:
     -Amber or Clear Turn signal lens

    -Glass lenses or plastic lenses.  Glass lenses will never fade/haze due to sun exposute, however there is a slight risk of chips or breakage due to road debris.  It is uncommon, but possible.  Plastic lenses on the otehr hand will never crack, but they will haze over time. 

    -Iris or Mini Gatling Projector Shroud.  The Iris is larger and features a smooth look.  The Gatling is smaller and more ridged.  

    2x Headlight Assemblies with HID Bi-Xenon Projectors Installed
    2x 4500k PHL HID bulbs.
    2x Stand-Alone High/Low beam controllers pre-installed.  

    *Ballasts are required for use. Check our products page for ballast options (W99 and 55W Slim)
    *Does not include turn signal (7507), Fog light (H3), or city light (194) bulbs.  All are listed on our products page or can be purchased in any auto parts store. 
    *For cars without stock fog lights, aftermarket fog light harness and fog light switch is required.  
    *Daytime-Running-Light (DRL) will work exactly the same as stock headlights.  The HID low beam will be activated with the relase of the parking brake.  

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