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Jetta IV 4.0 Standalone Bi-Xenon Harness (pair)

Jetta IV 4.0 Standalone Bi-Xenon Harness (pair)

Previously we used an external relay harness to power the ballasts and bulbs of our Jetta IV headlights.  The problem with this setup though is that if the relay goes out, both lights go black.  Because the relay cannot be purchased at your local auto parts store, this is a problem.  

These devices power the ballast and bulb off the stock wiring of the car.  The advantage is that each light operates independently of the other.  If a fuse blows, or some other problem, you at the very least have one light. In the words of Jacob can drive it home on one headlight..much safer than no headlights!

These include built in capacitors which prevent power interruption during high/low beam transitioning.  That ultimately prevents bulb burn outs and lengthens bulb and ballast longevity.  

Includes 2x H4 Harnesses (sold in pairs)

This connector allows for low and high beam function just as the full harness would.  
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