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GMC Yukon Denali Retrofit Headlights
  • GMC Yukon Denali Retrofit Headlights

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      Big trucks need big performance from their headlights! These retrofit assemblies feature brand new TYC headlight assemblies, Mini H1 6.0 projectors, our top of the line PHL bulbs, and high quality butyl sealant to ensure moisture never gets in! PHL HID Bulbs: These bulbs are top of the line. Derived from the most advanced equipment and technology, it adopts the APL pills from the United States, xenon gas from Germany, and Austrian Plansee tunsten metal electrodes. Their lumen output is neck and neck with ORSAM's CBI bulbs. The PHL is truly top of the line. F35x Ballasts: The F35x consumes less and 5 amps during startup. This efficient consumption allows the HID bulb to reach full intensity in less than 1 second. A digital signal processor monitors for external faults and protect the ballast from under voltage, over voltage, output shorts, and open output shorts. The processor also turns the ballast off if overheating occurs. Bi-Xenon Relay harness: The included relay harness provides power to the HID ballasts and bulbs under both high and low beam modes. A built in capacitor keep power flowing to the ballasts while the transition is made to prevent damage to the ballasts and bulbs. Additionally, this harness provides power to the ballasts direct from the battery, separating your electrical systems. Shroud Options: There are a number of optional shroud additions. The standard kit comes with the Mini Gatling Shroud, but we recommend a larger shroud such as the Bullet shroud show in our photos. All premium shrouds are priced the same. For more information on different shrouds contact us for details. Includes: 2x Headlight Assemblies 2x HID Bi-Xenon Projectors installed 2x PHL Premium HID bulbs Installed 1x H13 Relay Harness All other bulbs included Note: HID Ballasts Required for operation. Customer must either supply their own ballasts or purchase a pair from our product page.
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